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Today, would like to share with you on some tips to choose baby carrier and to introduce three Ergobaby models to everyone.



The first one is the Embrace Carrier which was launched last year. A lot of mothers would consider using those cloth types to wrap baby on their shoulder but at the same time are afraid baby does not get enough support of their back. Sophie's mama feels that this Embrace Carrier is so good. If baby’s body itself is very soft I would recommend to new mum. Very cozy with soft knit fabric nestles baby close to parent for snug, supportive fit; Simple, easy buckling without the frustration of wrapping or excessive fabric; also, very comfortable with good supportive waist belt and stretchable cross straps. Once baby grows and getting bigger, you can skip the next model Omni360 and buy the Hipseat version directly.

第一個係Ergobaby上年推出既Embrace Carrier, 有好多媽媽會考慮用一d布類型包住個隻但又怕對寶寶既承托力唔夠,Sophie媽媽覺得呢款Embrace Carrier好好,夠晒承托力之如布料又薄,好適合一d比較軟身既初生嬰兒。由初生可以揹到6個月都岩。到寶寶大了然後直接跳過下一款Omni360買Hipseat版。咁咪要買兩條,無錯不過呢個方法一定係解決買好多條都唔岩用既後果。

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The second model is the most classic model Ergobaby Omni 360, which has a breathable mesh version and a normal cotton version. Ergobaby suggests this one for newborn babies, but Sophie’s mama would suggest to you that if baby is tall enough and body stiff enough, you should choose Omni360, but do not need to choose model Embrace, and Omni360 can be used for a longer time up to one to two years old. Super convenient and easy to use.

第二款係Ergobaby最經典既Omni 360分別有透氣mesh版本正常棉料版本,呢款寫明係可以初生出世寶寶用,不過Sophie mama會話如果bb比較身長同身體比較硬夠力,可以直接揀Omni360,而唔揀Embrace呢個款,而omni360可以用到一歲以上。好方便又好用。

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The third model is Ergobaby Hipseat - specially designed for the Asian market. Sophie’s mama finds it very useful. This is super convenient to carry the baby in the house or go out on the street, this way can set your hands free to do something else that you don’t need to hold baby in your arms all day long. But remember if you can keen on buying this model, baby's back must be strong enough and be able to sit on his own first otherwise don’t use it yet, this will hurt your baby’s back. The other good thing is baby normally feels hot, hipseat version baby can sit on their own and not sticking to papa and mama’s body. Recommended products.

第三款介紹就係Ergobaby專為亞洲市場而設既Hipseat版,呢款Sophie mama覺得非常有用,係屋企揹住寶寶又得出街又得,更可以雙手做下野唔洗終日抱住寶寶, 寶寶又坐得開心舒服,不過大前提係寶寶腰背都要有力已經坐到先用。如果唔係會傷到腰背。最重要係寶寶可以自己坐,唔洗貼實大人個身咁熱。推薦推薦。

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