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Which types of sleeping bags should you choose? Different tog for different weather.

It is important to select the right sleep bag to make sure a safe and comfortable temperature for your baby’s sleep. You should consider the temperature of the nursery (the best temperature is around18-20 degrees) and the clothing your baby is wearing under their sleeping bag.

Tog refers to the thermal resistance of your baby’s sleeping bag. The higher the tog, the more warmth the sleeping bag will retain; the lower the tog, the less heat they’ll retain.

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Why should you choose a sleeping bag instead of blankets and duvets?

Sleeping bags stop your baby from kicking off their covers, getting cold, and waking themselves up! Cocoon sleeping bags also imitate the environment of the Mother's womb. The transition from the cozy confines of the womb to life earthside can be anything but easy for newborns who are used to mum’s comforting warmth and movement. They keep baby at a comfortable temperature whilst they sleep, giving you peace of mind, and when correctly sized, they can prevent your baby from getting tangled up in sheets.

Navigating the TOG system
  1. 0.3 tog - 24–26°C / 75–79°F
  2. 1.0 tog - 21–24°C / 70–75°F
  3. 2.5 tog - 17–23°C / 61–71°F
  4. 3.5 tog - 14–21°C / 57–70°F
Different brands have different tog systems but the above is the general guideline for your reference.

Sleeping Bags | Love to Dream | Ergopouch | Baby Sophie HK
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