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There are many mothers came to Sophie's mama lately to express the frustration on getting too many sippy cups at home but none of them babies like. So I am going to give you some tips to decide how to choose the best sippy cup for your little one.

Something you should know - according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests fully transitioning from bottles to cups by the time a child is 18 months old. Doing so can help prevent tooth decay and other dental issues.

1) Transitional cup on baby with 4-12 months

At this time your baby will probably start having solids, which means you’re also allowed to introduce water with a meal. Since babies this age are only used to being bottle or breastfeed, a sippy cup can be confusing for them at first. From ages 4-6 months it’s ideal to introduce a transitional cup. These cups are made with features that are similar to a bottle but offer small changes that mimic a full training cup like handles and a soft spout. It should often have two handles, makes it easy for babies to lift, grasp, and control. Should also be with a soft nipple that’s easy on your baby’s gums

2) Toddler cup on kids with 12 months - 3 years

In order to help your child work on dexterity, most of the cups will not have handles anymore. This type of cup is slightly larger since it holds between 7 and 12 ounces of fluids. And you will see all sorts of straws and spouts cups at this stage. The toddler sippy cup has a contoured body shape with longer and thinner cup design. This helps children hold the cup without using the 2 handles.

3) Kid bottle when kids at 3 years old

Children at 3 years and above use kid bottles, bigger volume that hold more liquid. These cups or bottles are insulated keeping contents cool for long duration. They normally have straws that are flexible or hard spouts.

Sophie's mama specifically like MAM and Philip Avents sippy cups


MAM Cups make learning to drink easy because they are aligned to babies developmental stages. Step by step babies learn the transition from breast or bottle to cup. Parents can relax whilst toddlers learn independent drinking. See this picture:


The MAM Starter cup is especially small and cute! To help baby switch from bottle to cup MAM designers, in close cooperation with developmental specialists have developed this cute little cup with extra soft spill free spout allowing baby to control the flow rate at their own pace.Its lightweight ergonomic design with non-slip handles makes it easy and comfortable for baby to hold. The handles are also compatible with all MAM Cups.


MAM Learn to drink 190ml Cup makes learning to drink easy thanks to the extra soft spout with patented valve system. Thanks to this clever design parents can relax whilst their toddlers learn to drink with either spill free or free flow, just by removing the clear silicone valve!This also allows for easy and complete cleaning. The ergonomic non-slip handles makes it easy and comfortable for baby's small hands to hold.The anti-slip curved waist of the cup makes it easy for small hands to hold, and even comes with a free MAM 6 months+ soother for little one to enjoy.


The Fun To Drink Cup MAM designers have developed an innovative Fun To Drink cup that helps babies learn to drink independently. 270ml hard spout ideal for transition from a cup to a glass.


MAM Sports Cup has a unique, curved shape with non-slip grip which is easy for children’s hands to hold.A patented valve system ensures that the cup remains leak proof but is always ready for drinking.Ideal for toddlers it's a large size for extra volume 330 ml/11 fl oz.

Philips Avent Sippy Cups

There are different stages of sippy cups that Sophie's mama likes, especially A & B that you don't usually see in Hong Kong baby market and we have a lot of good feedback so far. The good things about A & B come with different volumes 200ml & 260ml either with handles or no handles, and the spout is super soft. No spill out design. And this really helps baby smoothing their gums and chew with no harm.

If your baby has difficult in changing from milk bottles to sippy cups, I would definitely suggest MAM and Philips Avent learning and training cups.

Philips Avent Training Cups | Baby Sophie | HK Baby Online Store

A) Easy Sip Spout Cup 200ml

B) Easy Sip Spout Cup 260ml

C) Premium Soft Spout Cup 200ml

D)  Premium Hard Spout Cup 260ml

E) Grown Up Cup 260ml