Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toy - Round & Round Goes Mr. Bear



Feel the gears go click-clack as train wheels spin and entertain your little for hours!


  • Age suitability: 2 years +

  • Made With Love: Product meets and exceeds ASTM and EN standards.

  • Toys Stick Well On: Raw wood, painted wood, laminates and most smooth surfaces.

  • Don't Stick Well On: Textured painted walls, wallpaper and rough surfaces.

Product Size

  • L: 9.5in | 24.1 cm

  • H: 10in | 25.4cm

  • Weight: 0.31lbs | 140g

Easy To Remove

  • It is easy to remove wall toys from any smooth surface without causing damage to the wall.

  • To remove: Peel from the top corner of the decal and bend it back over itself. Pull downwards carefully and slowly to avoid wall damage.

  • To reposition: Wall toys can be repositioned a few times (about 5-10 times, depending on the wall and the care taken when removing). Once removed stick the toy back on the film that it comes on. Or, immediately stick on the new wall-surface avoiding dust and grime.

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