BABY SOPHIE was found in 2019 after our first baby girl was born and her name is Sophie. Since then, we have been searching for quality, unique, practical, well designed and well-made products to enhance and simplify the lives of parents and their children.

Having a child is the most amazing experience in the world. Time slows down so that we can cherish every precious moment, one moment at a time. At Baby Sophie we believe it's the little things we remember as time speeds up and our child grows. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of value and trust for our customers as told in our slogan: Health, Happiness, Quality and Safety for the future generation. As your family grows, we want to be here for you.

We specialize in products for pregnancy, nursing moms, new babies and toddlers. Browse our site or stop by the shop with any questions or concerns. We love to help new parents to find what they need the best for their children.

Our small shop packs a big punch with anything you need for maternity, nursing, breast pumps and accessories, baby nappy change products and accessories, toys & games, blankets and bedding, bath accessories and more and more…


Email: info@stbabysophie.com

Customer Hotlines:

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