Mindful & Co Kids Printed Kids Yoga Mats - Space


$390 $649

Your little human’s very own Yoga Mat.

Made with 100% recycled tree rubber, our Kids’ Yoga Mat features a luxurious soft microfiber suede surface and a beautiful cushioned surface making it a suitable and comfortable for their little hands and feet for practice, and also play.

Lightweight, bio-degradable (PVC free with no Phthalates) and hypoallergenic with a non-slip grip, these specifically designed Yoga Mats for Children are easy to clean and machine washable.

Adorned with fun, gorgeous and adorable Chloe Jasmine illustrations, they offer all the comfort and stability of their adult counterparts, simply smaller, making them the perfect size for your little humans to carry.


  • Lightweight and easy to roll into a tight bundle.

  • Beautiful, hand-crafted illustrations adorning each mat. Includes a free detachable strap.

  • Compact and ideal for travelling.

  • Odor free and machine washable.


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