Little Martin's Drawer Baby Hair Clipper - Pink




WATERPROOF DESIGN – Hair clipper can be operated in flowing water, or when immersed up to 30cm deep, for easy cleaning during and after use

WHISPER QUIET, LOW VIBRATION – Super low noise and vibration helps your child stay calm to provide an easy, optimal haircutting experience. This is important when cutting around the ears, and will also keep sleeping babies from awakening

SAFE FOR BABIES – Premium designed device helps new parents achieve desired hairstyle while preventing clamping of hair or irritation to sensitive skin

HIGH CAPACITY, RAPID CHARGE BATTERY – Fully charge device in just 3 hours for up to 60 minutes cordless use

ATTACHABLE COMB HEADS – Select between interchangeable comb heads for 4 length settings (1/8 inch, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm) to get desired results

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