Koa Koa Build Your Own Glasses & See Like 4 Different Animal


$244 $349

Koa Koa's excellent DIY kits are all about making, learning and playing. This kit lets kids find out how four different animals see the world, by making their own special glasses which give you different fields of vision. Use the different parts to build a casing, then attach it to the glasses and change the mirrors and lenses so that you can see like an eagle (aerial vision), ray (downwards only), insect (kaleidoscopic) and fish (lateral vision, both sides at the same time!). Now try to move and walk while wearing the glasses – it's so much fun! This is a great way to teach kids about the brain's role in our vision, and how prey and predators see the world. 


Suitable for age 8+.

Koa Koa was born out of a simple idea: let kids build their own toys to understand art, science and technology. Their affordable DIY kits let kids reconnect with the physical world, stimulating imagination, invention and problem-solving skills

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