Headu Masterbluff (Ludic)



The player on the left of the dealer starts by discarding one or more cards of the same family and saying it out loud. Whoever discards a card may lie about the object of the card, but must declare that the cards are all of the same family (for example: "two elves'; "two wizards'; "two witches'; "three fairies'; "three ogres'; "three jesters" and so on ... ). lf no one challenges the truth of the declaration, the cards are put in the discard pile and the game passes to the next player who continues to discard cards of the same family as those declared by the previous player (for example if the previous player had declared "two fairies'; the next player can declare to discard, for instance, "four fairies").

When it's their turn, each player can play the exchange token that allows them to change the card family to be discarded from the one declared by the previous competitor. The exchange token, once played, must be set aside.

After a player discards and declares the family group of their cards, any of the opponents may, if they believe the declaration to be false, call out "Bluff!. At this point the truth of the declaration is verified by checking the discarded cards with two possible outcomes: if the declaration is true, the player who called out "bluff" will be penalized by getting all the cards from the discard pile. If the player's declaration was false, the player who lied gets all the cards from the discard pile.

The player who discards all their cards first wins.

Suitable for kids from 6+ years old

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