Headu Letters & Words Montessori



Learn to spell and read with this fun and educational take on the classic Bingo game! Each player gets a different picture card with three different words to spell out, and take turns fishing 3 letters out of the cotton bag each time to position them onto their bingo card if relevant. Letters that cannot be used will be discarded back into the bag, and the player who finishes their bingo card first wins!

A fun tactile activity that promotes letter and word recognition. Older learners can even attempt ‘feeling’ the letters to increase the chances of picking out the right letters!


  • Kinesthetic learning
  • Tactile exploration
  • Sensory coordination
  • Early literacy
  • Incidental learning
  • Print awareness
  • Phonetic skills
  • Oral language
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Social integration

Headu embraces Howard Gardner’s Multiple Forms of Intelligences, and meticulously constructs the learning value of their puzzles to encompass Mulitiple Modalities of Learning for a more holistic learning experience. Click here to find out more about the Seven Intelligences .

Made in Italy. All pieces are constructed from high-quality laminated cardboard; and is made to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday play.

Set includes: 10 bingo cards, 122 uppercase letters, small bag made of 100% organic cotton

Suitable for the ages of 3-6

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