Headu 123 Touch Bingo Montessori



Introduce numbers, quantities and sequencing in a multi sensory way to encourage toddlers to love maths.

Play lotto with these adorably illustrated market stalls. Pick pieces from the table and try to match them to your card. Their bingo cards encourage them to equate the written numerals to the amounts, e.g. Four Bananas, equals four dots and also the the number ‘4’. Children can also count the contents of the baskets on their market stall card to help work out which number they need! To expand this game further you can also pull the tokens from the storage bag, using only your sense of touch to identify the ‘sandpaper’ tokens! The number and quantity tokens are printed with a raised, textured surface so children can match up the tactile pieces and associate quantities to the written number. This resource has been designed for a Montessori method of development, to be fun, constructive and build kid’s confidence!

  • Learn numbers and quantities from 1-9
  • Tokens printed with a raised finish
  • Match tokens to your market stall card
  • Supports visual, tactile, minds on learning
  • Organic cotton storage bag included
  • Suitable for Age 3-6

Number recognition bingo with a cute market stall twist! Children pull tiles with tactile numbers and dots and race to complete their card! Great for early numeracy & equivalency.

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