Fehn Good Night Cuddly Toy - Elephant



Babies just have to love the cuddly toy elephant from the Good Night collection! During the day, the little cuddly elephant is a perfect playmate. At night the elephant is a great protector and sleep companion. The highlights are the “glow-in-the-dark” elements. They take away the baby´s fear of the dark and convey a special coziness. The cuddly toy is the perfect first friend and a great companion on the go!

  • Soft toy & cuddly cushion for cuddling, playing and loving

  • for babies and toddlers 0+

  • Top material: velvet, jersey / Filling: 100% polyester

  • ideal as a gift for birth, birthday or baptism for babies and toddlers 0+

  • tested for safety by independent testing institutes

Playmate, guardian & plush friend: soft toy with „glow-in-the-dark“ embroidery, for babies and toddlers 0+

  • The cuddly elephant enchants every baby heart with cute sleeping eyes, the night cap and cuddly soft materials - the perfect first friend to cuddle and play

  • Whether as a cuddly pillow, as a guardian at night or as a playmate by day: the cuddly elephant is characterized by its variety of possible uses

  • Big joy for small cuddle friends: The „glow-in-the-dark“ embroidery takes away baby´s fear of the dark when falling asleep and provides security

  • When falling asleep the cuddly toy is a real sleeping aid – the elephant cuddles into the heart of tired discoverers and is the perfect companion for at home and on the go


  • Size: 26 cm

  • Age: 0+ month

  • Glow in the dark

  • Around the Crib

  • 30°C

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