Fehn Comforter – Giraffe Deluxe



Playmate, sleeping aid and plush friend for grabbing, snuggling and cuddling with silicone ring for conventional pacifiers - for babies and toddlers 0+

  • This cute comforter with a small cuddly giraffe conjures a smile on baby’s face: it spends consolation, warmth, comfort and will certainly be baby´s best friend

  • When falling asleep the cuddly comforter is a real sleeping aid – the cute giraffe cuddles into the heart of tired discoverers

  • The soft material, the head and the knotted endings invite to grab, feel and snuggle so that the giraffe will be a great companion at home and on the go

  • Thanks to the flexible silicone ring the cuddlefriend can easily be attached to conventional pacifiers with and without handles – so the pacifier cannot get lost on baby´s adventures

  • Size: 38cm

  • Age: 0+ month


  • 30°C

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