Beaba Energy On-The-Go Set


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The Energy On-The-Go Set includes the best selected durable and outing-friendly Silicone items from BEABA: Set of 3 Silicone Portion - Jungle, Set of 2 1st Stage Silicone Spoons - Windy Blue/Light Mist with outing case, Silicone Plate - Blue and Set Babysqueez' 2 In 1 & Squeez'Portion – Blue.

Set of 3 Silicone Portion – Jungle

Silicone portions 100% airtight: ideal for preserving, freezing and defrosting baby's meals.

  • Supple container cup in silicone and lid with screw thread: easy removal and completely
  • Individual portions: ingenious to remove and defrost one portion at a time.
  • Stackable and interlocking: easy to store.
  • Graduated cup - 200 ml capacity - in silicone: very practical and unbreakable.

Care: Hand wash or dishwasher.

Set of 2 1st Stage Silicone Spoons - Windy Blue/Light Mist with outing case

Ultra supple silicone tip: especially designed for the transition from teat to spoon.

Handle length suitable for all types of jars.

  • Long ergonomic handle: designed for adult hands.
  • Tip and covering in silicone: for easy cleaning.
  • Soft spoon: no risk of harming gums.

Care: wash by hand or diswasher

Silicone Suction Plate - Blue

Everything baby and parents need for the first meals.

  • Plate with suction pad to adhere to the table
  • Design and shape developed to help guide the scooping of food
  • Easy to clean

The suction pads ensure that the tableware sticks to the table (or high chair tray), thus avoiding daily spilling incidents. The 100% silicone material is soft and pleasant to touch, with no risk for the child and silent for parents. The bright colours of the range please little ones as well as their parents.

Set Babysqueez' 2 In 1 & Squeez'Portion – Blue

Thanks to its airtight lid, the flask becomes a food conservation container for the refrigerator or the freezer.

Simply replace the lid with the spout when baby is ready for his meal.

Set BabySqueez' 2 in 1 -

Home-made food (fruit and vegetable purees, yogurts etc.) can be enjoyed as from 6 months of age in a fun, easy and clean way.

  • Sold with 2 spouts: a supple 1st age spout (6-12 months) and a rigid 2nd age spout (12 months and over)
  • Wide opening to easily fill and clean
  • Stable base, flask remains upright

Care: wash in soapy water with a bottle brush or in a dishwasher

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