Baby Sophie Milestone Board - White




Express yourself through the elegantly designed 10x10 felt-letter message sign board.

Celebrate life’s moments with thoughtful messages on your felt letter-board. Be it for personal or for commercial use, the letter board makes a great fit. Quotess, inspirational sayings, baby milestones, pregnancy milestones, workplace inspiration, announcement, retail store messaging, business promotional messages, Restaurants menu, educational and informational text, social media hashtags and more using this signboard.


DISPLAY FRAME: The wooden frame gives a rustic, vintage look and blends seamlessly well with the elegant black felt. The frame can be displayed in 4 ways - carried by hand, supported by the tripod stand, propped up against a wall, or hung up on the wall using the wall hanger sawtooth hook.

TRIPOD STAND: The custom tripod stand lets you move the board around without the need for a wall to support the wooden frame. Place it where you please – on work desks, cupboards, kitchen counter tops, on the floor – just anywhere! Slant the legs to adjust the viewing angle

CHARACTER SET: The character set of 300 plastic letters includes alphabet, numbers, special characters, signs, symbols, emoji, punctuation marks and more. Never be at a loss for word, or should we say, characters!

DRAWSTRING BAG: After each use, put your plastic letters back into this handy drawstring pouch


Frame: Wooden frame, 10 x 10 inches with black felt

Character set: 300, plastic letters

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