Taf Toys Kimmy Koala Rattle



Say hello to the Kimmy Koala Rattle from Taf Toys.

This cute companion is your newest essential item to occupy your baby and encourage skills development in the earlier stages of their life. This engaging rattle has a small handle which will perfectly fit your baby’s grasp. The clear plastic tube contains small colourful beads to intrigue and captivate your little one whilst they play. Kimmy Koala’s head also allows your child to discover new materials, as it has many textures to explore - such as soft, crinkly ears.

This rattle is just what you need to keep your baby engaged and happy!


  • By playing with rattles baby develops senses and fine motor skills

  • Plenty of chewing and grabbing options

  • Fascinating rattle movement and sound

  • Plastic ring is easy to grab and play with

  • Easy-to-grab ring rattle with many grabbing options