Qbi Magnetic Cubes - Mini Pack (17Pcs)



Qbitoy, a road consisting of attractively designed cubes with magnetic tracks. The magnets mean that the blocks can be quickly connected – and hey presto!

You can start your journey. The Magnetism Track Systems allow children to be challenged as they learn, creates opportunities for open-ended play, and strengthens critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Qbitoy is perfect for the age group of three to six years as the car runs on rails.

The fact that trying to reproduce the models shown on the sheets also trains children’s basic spatial thinking is mostly praised by consumers.

Magic! Magnetic cubes ALWAYS attract to each other!

The magnet balls contained in the cubes perfectly solve the problem of the repelling force when connecting

magnets. Kids could build up the track or shape out of their imagination very easily without any limitation.

All in one!

6 track designs on 1 cube, accompanied with expandable and magnetic game accessories enrich the fun of play.

Expandable toy accessories

  • Challenge your skill! Inertia Toy Car, no electricity needed.

In the first design module, inertia was picked up for car’s power due to the great pushing and playing experience it holds to play the car. It also challenges kids’ control skill, which makes the game full of excitement and challenges.

  • Drive the car to the goal: Magnetic Toy Garage

Also equipped with magnet, toy garage is designed to play as a goal in games.

  • Not just flat tracks: Magnetic Slope Kits

To add more challenges and fun, slopes play an important role to expand the way of playing. The 3 pieces of a set gives the toy more fun and various way of playing.

Game Challenge, Endless fun

Qbitoy is not just a simple toy. Expandable challenge game cards/ books also play an important role to extend the fun and learning aspect of Qbitoy. There are games designed for different age groups and learning


  • Recognition Game (age 1~3)

  • 2D Challenge Game (age 3+)

  • 3D Challenge Game (age 5+)

  • Competition & Cooperation (age 5+)

All Materials Comply to ASTM, EN71 and JFSL

As a high-quality toy design and manufacturing company, Qbitoy cares kids’ health very much. They choose ABS, POM and TPE as their main materials to make Qbitoy, which are safe materials to children.


  • Suitable for 3 years+

  • 0.5m long of the track, suitable for self-learning

  • Designed and made in Taiwan

  • Box size: 270*160*75 mm

  • Weight: 1.2kg


A toy that accompanies kids as they grow

The reason why people love Qbi is because of its abundant way of playing which could fit the needs from different growing phases. For kids who is at exploring the world phase, they could feel the magic attraction between blocks and use them for stacking game.

As kids grow, they could train their hand muscles by playing and controlling toy cars, and assembling tracks by following game cars instructions, which is a great and fun way to learn. Furthermore, it’s perfect for family to play together.

Playing with blocks helps children develop their vocabularies, logical thinking, developed social skills and develop spatial awareness. They learn how to describe colors, shapes, sizes, and positions as they build various structures.

  • Logical thinking

  • Develop social skills

  • Interactive communication

  • Spatial awareness

  • Full creative range

  • Teamwork skills