Melissa & Doug Take-Along Farm



Built-in tracks, colorful scenery, and fun play pieces let kids take their imaginations for a spin . . . and take playtime anywhere they want to go! Unfold the sturdy wooden case to create an illustrated play surface with built-in road tracks for the four farm vehicles (a truck, tractor, and two trailers with magnetic couplers). Set up a bridge, a barn with silo, and a grain house! Wooden play pieces include trees, animals, and hay bales to enhance imaginative storytelling. All the pieces store in the fold-up case with convenient carrying handle for easy cleanup and travel (there's plenty of room to add other toys, too!}. Keep playtime rolling for kids three and older and encourage independent play and motor skill development.


  • 3+ years

  • 17-piece farm play set with wooden storage case that unfolds to create playing surface with built-in road tracks

  • Includes 4 wooden vehicles to drive around the farm: truck, tractor, 2 trailers with magnetic couplers

  • Set up a bridge, barn with silo, grain house, trees, animals, hay bales

  • Plenty of room to store all play pieces in the case with convenient carrying handle

Ways To Play

  • SORT IT: Sort the pieces into vehicles, animals, buildings, and "other," then count the pieces in each group. Which has the most and which has the fewest?

  • HAY THERE: Load the hay bales on the truck and deliver one near the garden and one near the water trough. Talk about what the tractor passes as it makes its way around the farm.

  • FARM FABLES: Tell a story about the animals who live on the farm! Perhaps the farmer is away and the horse and the sheep decide to take the tractor for a spin. What happens next?

  • trailer to bring sleepy Bessie back to the barn safely.