Mam Massaging Brush With Safety Shield - Pink


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Treasuring tiny teeth right from the start! Our Massaging Brush stimulates the gums and helps ease the discomfort of teething. Our fun and functional range helps parents protect baby’s precious teeth. Developing good habits with MAM’s 3 easy stages that start even before the first tooth comes through, helps make brushing fun for all the family.

The Massaging Brush cleans and massages sensitive gums when teething begins, it looks just like a toothbrush which helps babies become familiar with brushing which helps create good habits early.

It has soft bristles at the front and different massaging structures on the sides and back of the brush head. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold, as well as its anti-slip handle. All MAM toothbrushes include a practical safety shield, which prevents the brush from going too far into the mouth. This way, babies can safely learn to brush their teeth. This special feature has also been evaluated very positively by mothers in the course of extensive market research studies.

Brushy The Bear!- To build awareness of the importance of oral care and help parents establish a daily routine, MAM has developed the charming Brushy Bear character. Using both a familiar storybook format and a versatile app, the little bear encourages parents and children to have fun together adopting his healthy habits. Supporting the message of the storybook, the app includes the Brushy Bear story as well as a fun brushing game with a timer. There is also a useful information section with handy hints and tips for parents.


  • Stage 1 in oral care development

  • Introduces brushing through gentle cleaning and massaging

  • Ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold

  • Anti-slip handle for better grip

  • Safety shield to prevent it reaching too far

  • Suitable from 3 months+