Loveamme Tailormade Pro




Step 1: Select a LoveAmme® Breast Pump

Pick a LoveAmme® breast pump that best suits your needs:

  • TailorMade Pro, for the World’s first truly customised pumping; or

  • MadeToTravel, the perfect choice for mums who are always on-the-go.

Step 2: Custom-fit each breast

We understand that every mum has different needs and here at LoveAmme®, we offer breast shields in 5 sizes to help you achieve your ideal fit, for a comfortable and efficient pumping journey. LoveAmme® FlexSkin™ Breast Shields are available in 19, 22, 24, 27 & 30mm, and are sold individually so you get the flexibility to select the most suitable size for each of your breasts.

Step 3: Find your LoveAmme® FlexSkin™ T-Joints

Pick from the 3 LoveAmme® T-Joints to connect to your preferred milk bottles:

  • LoveAmme® Tommee Tippee FlexSkin™ T-Joints

  • LoveAmme® MAM / Pigeon FlexSkin™ T-Joints

  • LoveAmme® Wide-Neck FlexSkin™ T-Joints, which fit Philips Avent, Spectra, Snapkis, Hegen (with Hegen’s wide-neck connector)

Step 4: Pop into our Bottle Stand

No more crying over spilt milk because there won’t be any! Our LoveAmme® Bottle Stands provide superior stability and are made to fit bottles from Snapkis, Pigeon, NUK, Spectra, Tommee Tippee, Avent Classic and Hegen (using their adaptor). Simply secure your milk bottle on the bottle stand and enjoy a seamless and fuss-free pumping session.

** All parts are selling separately


PRE-ORDER for 5-7 days

LoveAmme® is the only breast pump with a massaging suction as gentle as expressing by hand. Our LoveAmme® Breast Pump System offers personalised pumping programmes, skillfully engineered for comfort. Custom-fit FlexSkin™ Breast Shield options are available separately for all breast shapes and sizes, even for mums with flat or inverted nipples.

Our TailorMade Pro Double Breast Pump has different phases and suctions, which is a real lifesaver when you have flat, inverted or even injured nipples. The TailorMade Pro, coupled with some nifty advice from our advisors, can also be set up to help mums with underperforming milk supply.


3-Phase Expression Technology for High Milk Yield

Stimulation Phase - With 6 stimulation cycles, TailorMade Pro has one of the widest available range of stimulation strengths for you to choose from. Select a cycle that is most like your baby’s initial light and fast sucking to achieve a faster letdown.

Expression Phase - This phase mimics your baby’s deep and long sucking post-letdown. Our 6 expression cycles are researched for extraction efficiency – with streamlined combination of suction rhythm, length and strength. Empty your breasts in a shorter time.

Deep Expression Phase - With our specially formulated dual-level suction, this phase allows for deeper and more complete extraction of milk, which feels just like breast compression during pumping. This mode also helps mothers with inverted nipples with stubborn milk reservoirs. There are 6 deep expression cycles to choose from.


Customised Sessions, Every Single Time

TailorMade Pro brings you unprecedented flexibility. There are 378 possible combinations with TailorMade Pro. Customise your pumping for each individual breast with our Individualised Breast Customised Programme so you can now express milk faster, more completely, and in greater comfort.

The Individualised Breast settings will save you time if your breasts are at different level of fullness, but we really love it for the times when one breast is facing an issue, such as having a cracked nipple (ouchie!). This feature gives our breasts the tender-loving care that it really needs to continue feeding our babies!

If you don’t have a need for individual breast settings, simply use one of the pre-set modes using our Synchronised Breast Programme – where the same settings will be applied to both breasts.


LoveAmme is pumping customisation made possible.


Lightweight Certified Hospital Grade Pump

Hospital grade pumps are sought after for their robust reliability. But they are also very costly, heavy and bulky – this is incompatible with our need to move around as modern day mums.

After much frustration with non-hospital grade pumps that have failed on us, we have developed TailorMade Pro as a hospital-grade pump, weighing a mere 524g, and with overall dimensions of 116 x 116 x 85 mm. That’s right – whip out your rulers and check those measurements. We find it incredible too.



  • Protects your precious milk

  • Targeted pumping solution

  • Pump in semi-lying position

  • LCD screen display

  • Auto switch-off

  • Auto-lock

  • Memory function

  • Single or double pump

  • Built-in rechargeable battery

  • Unrivalled pumping comfort