Youha The One




The Youha breast pump is the perfect companion whether you’re nursing or exclusively pumping because it’s strong, it’s convenient, it’s portable, and most importantly, it’s efficient! Pump breastmilk with Youha’s The One in a fraction of the time it normally takes with less effective breast pumps.

3 choices in modes (Massage, Stimulation & Deep Expression) and 6 levels of intensity in each mode. With personal setting function, moms can choose 1-20 cycles & 1-7 suction level. Touch screen allows you to lock when you’re on the go or when it’s in storage so that it doesn’t accidentally turn on.

Tips: well-experienced lactation consultants recommends mommy to try 3 level cycle and 5-6 level suction

What's included in the Kit

  • 1x Youha The ONE motor unit

  • 2x 24mm breast shields

  • 2x 27mm breast shields

  • 2x soft massage cushions

  • 2x connectors

  • 1x cooler bag with ice pack

  • 1x Y-shape (double) tubing

  • 1x single tubing

  • 2x PPSU storage bottles

  • 1x AC adaptor

  • 1 year warranty included

  • Compatible with Medela Freestyle Parts and Tubing with an adaptor

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