Taf Toys Tummy Time Book


$144 $169

Soft baby book, with two sides for two developmental stages and crinkle filling for ultimate sensation

With lovely illustrations and Multi sensory textures along with fun activities for baby

Uses flip & play concept with standing feature to encourage tummy time

For Easier Development and Easier Parenting!


  • 0m+

  • Crinkling pages for 2 development stages includes: baby-safe mirror, crinkling shapes, 3D activities and textured fabrics and with Joey baby koala teether toy cuddled in his mamma's pouch

  • Stands up alone for tummy-time play

  • Size: 20.5X19.5 cm/8"X7.6"

Development Values

  • Side 1: High contrast colors, baby safe mirror and one image focus to develop baby’s senses and emotional intelligence side 2: Rich colors,textures, 3D activities including a teether and a play pocket, to develop baby’s fine motor skills

  • Provides visual stimulation and encourages focus

  • The book stands up alone to help encourage tummy-time play

  • The book has crinkle filling, which helps to teach baby the idea of cause & effect


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