S-26 Gold Promise Stage 4 900G Combo

$1,050 $1,194

Suitable for children from 3 years old and above

Country of Origin: Ireland

*Contains αlipids, human milk oligosaccharide (HMO), DHA, AA, Choline, Lutein and Soluble dietary fiber (OF)

* WYETH® S-26® GOLD PROMISE® milk powder contains αlipids (Alpha-lactalbumin enriched whey protein 140mg/100mL derived from a special patented process US 6,312,755 B1, which contains phospholipids 65mg/100mL; Human Milk Oligosaccharide HMO (2’- FL 25mg/100mL, not from human milk); DHA 6.8mg/100mL; AA 1.8mg/100mL; Choline 21mg/100mL; Lutein 20mcg/100mL; Soluble dietary fiber 0.35g/100mL

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