Roo Games Koala Walla Bing Bang



Climb to the top...don't let him drop!

Wally the Koala is hungry and wants to climb the tree to reach his favourite Eucalyptus leaves. Work together as a team to help Wally climb but be careful! Sometimes Wally gets scared and starts sliding down. It’s up to you to catch him before his behind hits the gound and goes bing bang! Suitable from 4+ years old

HOW TO PLAY -- In this cooperative game, take turns to roll the die and move up the tree. If BANG is rolled, perform a stunt before Wally falls to the ground. If Wally gets to the top, everyone wins!

GET YOUNGSTERS MOVING -- The activity cards feature active stunts to get children up and moving. The challenges are also age-appropriate and so much fun!

2 DIFFICULTY LEVELS -- For younger kids, reset Wally to the middle of the tree when he slides down. For a challenge, start Wally as far down as he slides. You'll have to be quick!

QUALITY COMPONENTS -- This kids game features high-quality wooden game pieces that are designed to last for years. The 3-piece Eucalyptus tree assembles easily and securely.

COOPERATIVE GAMEPLAY FOR 2-6 PLAYERS -- With room for 2-6 players, family and friends can bond while working together to help Wally get his dinner!

GOOD GAME MATE! -- Roo Games stems from award winning educational product and toy manufacturer Tree Toys. We're Aussies (mostly) and Americans and we guarantee innovation, creativity and high quality!

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