Proteca Barrier Cream 100G


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PROTECA® Barrier Cream

Developed and manufactured by hospital pharmacist. PROTECA® Barrier Cream is a soothing and gentle cream with astringent properties that forms a barrier to prevent, manage and treat irritations and discomfort caused by external factors (urine, stools, rubbing against clothing or nappies).


  • Heal, soothe and prevent chafed skin due to diaper rash or skin irritations and helps seal out wetness

  • Creates an optimal environment that allows skin to heal

  • Can be used in skin folds of babies or genito-anal area after cleansing and changing diapers


  • Non -steroidal

  • The key ingredients in PROTECA Barrier Cream are zinc oxide and castor oil with gentle astringent properties providing a soothing and protective barrier on top of the skin that protects the skin from moisture and irritants

  • Peanut oil and lanolin free

  • Suitable for new born babies and infants

  • Do not contain alcohol, SLS, fragrances and preservatives

  • Made in Australia


  • Zinc Oxide 7.5% w/w

  • Castor Oil 50% w/w

  • Glycerin

  • Phenoxyethanol

  • Hydroxybenzoates


  • For external use only

  • Store in dry place below 25 degree Celsius, away from direct heat

  • Avoid contact eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water if contact occurs

  • Use only as directed. If skin irritation or rash develops, discontinue use

  • Patients with known history of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients should consult their physician before using the product

  • Pharmacist hotline: +852 3568 2136


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