Physiogel Calm Reflief Anti-Redness Night Cream 40ml


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Expire on 04/2021


Product Highlights

  • Suitable for adults and pregnant ladies

  • For Dry, Sensitive, Redness-Prone Skin
  • With skin renewal cycle, it provides deep moisturizing and calms dry and reddened skin.

  • Long-term use can improve skin dryness and redness, and skin is moisturized and comfortable.

  • Containing advanced Physiogel BioMimic Technology works naturally and gently to soft, smooth moisturized skin as a healthy moisture barrier.

  • No preservatives, perfumes, colorants

  • Clinically proven to significantly relieve facial skin dryness, sensitivity, redness and heat; long-term use can help prevent redness

  • 89% agreed that it helps prevent the reoccurence of facial redness*

  • Rich and fast-absorbing 

  • Hypoallergenic. No preservatives, perfumes or colourants 

  • Available in 40ml


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