Miniware SiliFold Lunch Box - Almond Butter - Brown



An innovative silicone lunch box that has never been seen before in the children’s tableware market!

Like a fashionable pocket bag, you can easily bring Miniware’s Silifold to cater to your baby’s dining needs. Forget about cumbersome plastic lunch boxes that quickly go out of style and can potentially contaminate food. Miniware Silifold uses food-grade silicone, which is safe and non-toxic, durable, and can be steam sterilized with ease.

There is enough space to store Miniware spoons, forks, or other utensils and accessories, and still room for baby’s meals. The crescent-shaped divider separates foods and can be filled with moist foods like sauces, condiments, and salad dressing to keep things crisp. The suction foot on the bottom keeps Silifold in place while your child eats. From home to outdoors, babies can practice self-feeding with this safe lunchbox. Simply close up the mess after a meal and until you’re ready to clean.


  • 4m+

  • Lightweight and convenient: Foldable storage, like a fashionable pocket bag

  • Right angle of inner wall: Designed for baby to practice scooping

  • Silicone Suction Cup: Prevents knock-over spills at home or on the go

  • Half-moon divider: Keeps focus separate, ideal for storing moist foods, sauces, condiments and salad dressings

  • Food grade silicone: Safe and non-toxic, resistant to falling and cracking, can be sterilized, goes from freezer to microwave with ease


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