Materna Algae Oil DHA 30Pcs


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MATERNA® Algae Oil DHA is a nutritional supplement. With algae oil as its source of DHA, the product provides high purity of DHA as the algae does not pass through the food chain and the algae oil is manufactured in stringently-controlled environment. We choose ingredients strictly to ensure high quality and keep away from oceanic contamination. The product is manufactured in the USA. Algae oil DHA has obtained US FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status7, ensuring its safety and reliability. Furthermore, Algae Oil DHA exists as a natural triglyceride structure which has been shown to be bioavailable, thus can be easily utilized by human body. Given its plant-sourced ingredients, the product is suitable for vegetarians and it has no fishy taste.


7. Agency Response Letter GRAS Notice GRN No. 137 DetailNavigation.cfm?rpt=grasListing&id=137 (Accessed on 1 November, 2013)

*Bioavailability can be broadly defined as including the absorption and utilization of a nutrient.

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