Janod Mademoiselle Doll's House (Wood)



A fantastic 3-floor dolls house prettily decorated with assorted furniture. Open the doors of the house to play and close them to store everything inside and transport it more easily. Children can create their own world and invent their own stories! The practical doors are magnetic and the house can also be opened through the roof for better access to different rooms. The house is compatible with figures up to approximately 11,5 cm tall. Furniture includes : 11 accessories for decorating your house : a wardrobe with opening doors, a bed with covers, dressing table, bathtub, sofa, lamp, table, 2 chairs and a kitchen. Easy assembly.


The house contains 11 furniture accessories.


There's a whole world of the home for little girls inside.


The doors are magnetic so they close better.


  • Imagine, invent & create

  • 3-8 years old

  • Dimensions 41 x 30 x 54 cm (16.1 x 11.8 x 21.3")

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