Janod Learn To Tell The Time Magneti’ Book



Discover the Magneti'books: educational and fun games - for ages 3 and up - that can easily be handled and taken everywhere! The premise is simple: recreate the daily scene indicated on the card and associate a time with it. What time do I have my breakfast? When is nap time? And many more. Thanks to the 75 magnets and the 8 double-sided model cards included, 16 everyday scenes can be reproduced! Once the book is open, children can place the magnets on the magnetic side where they will stay in place: perfect for long car journeys or waits. The Magneti'books boast a clever format that allows them to be easily carried and stored on a bookshelf like a book. Various models are available, which theme will you add to your collection?


  • To learn about time through role-playing

  • Discovery of analogue and digital time

  • Easy to carry and store

  • Read, write, count

  • Memorise & absorb

  • 3 - 8 years old

  • Magnetic

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