Illuma ATWO Stage 3 900G Combo

$2,454 $2,790

Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder
Suitable for Children from 1-3 Years Old

As your child continues to develop and grow, it is important to keep nurturing him with engaging experiences and quality nutrition. ILLUMA®3 Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder with A2 β-casein Milk is an advanced Growing-Up formula from the experts at Wyeth Nutrition.

This unique formulation is designed to work in harmony with the human body and help fulfill your child's capacity for greatness.

ILLUMA® Stage 3 Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder with A2 β-casein Milk, which comes from milk of cows specifically selected with a DNA test*.
*β-casein protein is present in cow’s milk as two primary variants A1 and A2.

100% imported from Ireland
Ireland is ranked no.1 in global food safety performance 1
Recognized as "Example of Quality Product" from Ireland 2
Certified Member of Origin Green 3

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