I-Angel 4 Seasons Mesh Hip Seat Carrier - Black


$923 $1,168

Product Features

  • Korean brand, Made in Korea

  • Baby and mother are closely spaced

    Mesh lumbar bench straps and straps are ergonomically designed to increase the comfort of the baby, depending on the size of the user

  • Design that makes your baby and mother more comfortable

    • In order to reduce the burden on your baby's weight, thicken the shoulder pad

    • With a 10O% Organic blister, you don't have to worry if your baby sucks

    • In order to allow the baby to sleep in his arms, an adjustable four-button buckle is added

  • Designing your baby safer

    • Using a double safety lock and YKK zipper to connect the seat cushion and harness

    • The waistband of the strap is triple-locked for durability.

  • Side into the side pocket of a smartphone or small item

  • It is safe to hold the baby's buttocks and clean the simple separation cushion

Other Information

  • Product Weight: 936 g

  • For weight: 3.5 - 20 kg

  • Applicable age: 3 - 36 months

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