Holdbody Super Natural Calcium 60'S


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Specifically formulated to improve bone mineral density and mobility

Holdbody Natural Ctlclum Plus is a natural plant-based calcium supplement specifically formulated to promote strong bones and maintain bone density & healthy teeth. More importantly, it can improve mobility. It contains natural red algae calcium from Iceland which naturally contains bioactive calcium, magnesium and other trace elements. These elements work synergistically to improve bone and joint health. Formulated with BoneBuild Plus, featuring a proprietary blend of biologically active form of vitamin D (D3) and patented CBP (100% concentrated milk active protein) that improves not only the absorption of calcium, but also making sure absorbed nutrients are utilised for bone creation. With the addition of MenaQ7, a form of active & natural vitamin K2, calcium's incorporation into bone is further optimised.

Natural Algae Calcium Is Gentle And Better Absorbed

The truth is the calcium in most supplements comes from limestone - rocks. This product is dramatically different. Algae calcium has a unique structure which is easier for the body to digest and absorb than the calcium sourced from limestone. Leading to less chance of gastrointestinal irritations and constipation which are common in calcium supplementation.

TGA Approved Natural Algae Calcium

Contains natural algae calcium which is Therapeutic Goods Administration Australia (TGA) compliance.

This ensures safety and free from toxic heavy metals. Enhanced multi-minerals complex with hyaluronic

acid & vitamin D3 can improve muscle strength and joint mobility.


  • Promotes strong bones and maintain bone mineral density & healthy teeth.

  • Minimises bone loss

  • Reduces stiffness & pain, improving mobility

  • Strengthens muscle

  • Protect and sooth gastrointestinal linings


Teenagers (12-18 years old): Take 1-2 tablets per day

Adults: Take 3-4 tablets per day

50 years old or above: Take 4 tablets per day or as directed by pharmacist.

* Best to be taken after meals.


Natural Algae Calcium from Iceland, proprietary BoneBuild Plus formula (patented CBP (from 100% concentrated milk active protein), vitamin D3, natural vitamin k2 (MenaQ7), zinc gluconate, copper gluconate, manganese gluconate, hyaluronic acid), bulking agent (croscarmellose sodium), anti-caking agent(magnesium stearate, colloidal anhydrous silica) • May contain milk product


  • Individuals with allergies to any of the ingredients should not take this product

  • Keep out of reach of children

  • Do not use if tamper evident seal is damaged

  • Do not remove desiccants

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