Holdbody Natural Calcium For Children 60'S


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Expiry 07.2022


  • Supports healthy bone & teeth

  • Supports muscle function

  • Magnesium, Zinc, Lysine & Vitamin D

Holdbody™ Natural Children's Milk Calcium is the easy and delicious way to help kids get the calcium

they need each day for healthy bone & teeth development.

All natural milk calcium'. improves bioavailability

Natural milk calcium is derived from premium cow's milk in Australia. Natural format of calcium is easier to be

recognised by the body thus, better absorbed, together with a balanced profile of trace elements which are beneficial for healthy bone & teeth.

Optimised synergistic effect

With the addition of key elements such as magnesium and z1inc, bone development is optimised especially in the key phase of childhood skeletal development.

Specifically formulated with BoneBuild for children

Formulated with BoneBuild, featuring a proprietary blend of biologically active form of Vitamin D (D3) and patented CBP (100% condensed milk protein) that improves not only the absorption of calcium,but also making sure absorbed nutrients are utilised for bone creation.

Promotes better appetite and improve nutrients absorption

Lysine, an amino acid, has positive effect on appetite improvement and promotes better muscle growth. 


3-12 months old children: Take 1 chewable tablet per day

1-3 years old children: Take 1 chewable tablet up to 2 times per day

4 years old children or above: Take 1 chewable tablet up to 3 times per day

For kids who are not ready to chew, crush the tablet and mix in liquid to consume.


Milk calcium, magnesium citrate, proprietary BoneBuild formula for children (patented CBP (from 100% concentrated milk active protein) and VitaminD3), lysine hydrochloride, zinc gluconate

Other ingredients: whole milk powder, anti-caking agent (dicalcium phosphate, colloidal anhydrous silica), glucose, natural vanilla flavour, sweetener (sucralose)


This product contains milk; individuals with allergies to any of the ingredients should stop taking; keep out of reach of children; do not use if tamper evident seal is damaged; do not remove desiccant

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