Dodopapa Travel Dining Set Stage 2 265ml - Puffer Fish Yellow



The Plus-version dining-out bowl contains spoon, fork and a scissors. The spoon well fits for kids above 1-year-old, and the fork enables the kid to pick up food easily. Plus-version scissors has sheath to use more safely to cut food for kids to digest. Plus-version dining-out bowl is convenient to carry out, and it is an ideal choice for dining out.

  • This all in one bowl set contains a pair of scissors which makes eating out with toddlers convenient and hygienic.

  • The scissors can withstand the temperature of 130°C.

  • Ergonomically designed with head of the spoon 30 degrees angled and a curved handle enables toddlers to feed themselves effortlessly.

  • Strong suction base helps preventing spill and could be removed easily for cleaning.

What's in the box

  • 1 x bowl with lid; 1 x spoon; 1 x fork; 1 x pair of scissors


  • Safe & hygienic

  • Convenient

  • Range of accessories

  • Suitable for 12months+

Care instructions

Except for scissors, the bowl set can be used in microwave oven or dishwashe. Before putting the bowl into microwave oven, please remove the lid.

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