Dodopapa Dining Out Bowl Deluxe Edition – Yellow


$151 $189

Our brand new Dining out bowl deluxe edition comes with superior ceramic scissors, hygienic and rustproof, that can safety and easily cut food items into tiny, bite-sized pieces for your children. The spoon and fork, are suitable for a child over 12 months.

This bowl set contains all essential utensils you need a bowl with lid, spoons, a fork and a pair of scissors when going out to eat with toddlers.

Spoons: Ergonomically designed to enable toddlers to learn to feed themselves without making a mess.

Fork: Round fork head with more space for food, fluted design to avoid food spilling.

Ceramic Scissors: Hygienic and rustproof, safely ad easily cut food items into tiny, bite-sized pieces, helping toddlers to digest. 


  • High-quality food grade ceramic, hygienic and rust proof.

  • The bowl comes with scissors and spoons, a complete feeding set for dinners, clean and safe.

  • Korean food-grade PP material reliable and BPA free.

  • Suction base helps preventing spill and could be removed easily for cleaning.

  • Patented spoon head of 30 degrees angles, enables toddlers to feed themselves effortlessly.

  • The size of spoon is well suitable for kids' mouth.

  • 6m+


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