Disney Comfort Blanket Tigger


$110 $129

The super soft Tigger Comfort Blanket, made from highest quality, premium plush fabric, makes the perfect cuddle companion.

Based on the character featured in A.A Milne’s heart-warming Tales from the Hundred Acre Wood storybooks, the classically stylized character-led Comfort Blanket features beautiful embroidered detailing and premium multi-textured, tactile fabric to encourage sensory play.

The Tigger Comfort Blanket is hand washable and suitable from birth.


  • From the classic storybooks of Tales from Hundred Acre Wood

  • Tigger character

  • Comforter with character head, arms and 2 knotted corners

  • Made from soft premium fabrics

  • Embroidered detailing

  • Hand washable

  • Suitable from Birth

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