Beaba Year Of The Ox Limited Edition



Year of the Ox Babycook Solo Limited Edition

BEABA is celebrating the joy of cooking with you in the Year of Ox! This limited edition set contains Babycook Solo Rose Gold, Pasta/Rice Cooker, Set of 3 Tritan Portion and 1st Stage Silicone Soft Spoon.

Babycook Solo 4-In-1 baby food maker

Steam cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats. XL capacity.

Steam cooks quickly in 15 minutes: preserves flavours and vitamins.

XL bowl capacity 1100 ml: for preparing large quantities in no time.

  • Manual cyclone-effect blade: for tailored mixing, for adapting the consistency to the child’s age.

  • Single control button (cooking – mixing): an ultra-compact solution.

  • Accessories: supplied with blending & smoothie filter lid, spatula and recipe booklet.

  • Care: cover, basket, lid, knife: wash by hand or dishwasher. Body of device: clean with soft damp cloth. Do not immerse.

Pasta / Rice cooker

Insert for the Babycook® to cook any grain. Easily steam cook baby's starchy foods (rice, pasta, grains) in Babycookᆴ Baby Food Maker with this Rice, Pasta & Grains Insert.

Fast cooking with no need for special timing or supervision. Easy to remove with the Babycook® spatula.

  • Steam starchy foods

  • Turns off automatically when food is doneᅠ

  • Holds 350 grams of cooked grains

  • Fits inside of Babycook® Solo & Duo models

  • BPA, Lead and Phthalate free

  • Designed in France

Set of 3 Tritan food conservation jars (120 ml, 240 ml, 420 ml)

Ultra light, does not discolour or lose its shape

Premium quality: ultra light, does not discolour or lose its shape. Stackable: saves space.

  • Airtight seal: preserving flavours and smells.

  • Graduated in ml: dosage scale.

  • Space for noting the contents: to identify the content with an erasable pen (not supplied).

  • In copolyester: for use directly in the BABYCOOK® bowl for defrosting and reheating.

  • Care: wash by hand or dishwasher.

Ergonomic 1st Stage Silicone Spoon

Ultra supple complete silicone envelope spoon. For better hygiene, gentleness on gums and to ease the transition from teat to spoon. Easy feedings thanks to its small tip adapted to Baby's mouth and the long handle for use in any jar.

  • Designed for babies being introduced to solids

  • Handles are designed so that parents can easily feed baby

  • Hygienic, all silicone design

  • BPA, Lead and Phthalate free

  • Designed in France

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